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October 24, 2007



My daughter saw this evil thing! It scared her but she made me go over and touch it so it would move. She went crazy when I moved her from it and she got to pick out some slightly less evil Disney princess stuff.


Oh, yeah. That thing is horrible! I have to make sure I "redirect" the dotter in another directin any time I see that in the distance...


Personally, I think it is cute, and I would love to have one....for me. HAHHAHA

Herb Urban

Paint it pink, mark down the price by 60%, and it resembles something my mom bought for A, without our approval. The sad pink pony she bought couldn't even stand up on it own. We sent it back with her. I would have suggested donating it to charity, but why should another child suffer? You obviously made the right call.


Hah, that was my mom's "backup" horse to my son last holidays. She ended up finding a bounce horse (http://www.amazon.com/Tek-Nek-Lucky-Plush-Spring/dp/B000HCL94W) about the same size -- it sings "I'm a pretty pony" and whinnies and says all sorts of things. And it is even bigger and more obnoxious than that one. Oh, well, it was his first Christmas with us and he's only spilled over the top a few times.

Last weekend at Maker Faire there was a Hasbro booth with two of those -- one stock, and one skinned down to the plastic frame and electronics. The skinned one was pretty cool. They were demonstrating how to change the sounds, I think.


I hate the holidays, when this enormous horrid stuff comes out of the woodwork. I have to make a great effort to keep E away from that thing at Target now. Crap.

And the hooker barbies.... reminds me of Emma Thompson and Alan Rickman in Love, Actually, with Emma T asking which barbie they should give to their daughter's friends, and I believe her descriptions are "the hooker or the transvestite?" which cracks me up every time.

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