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October 27, 2007


Mrs Figby

Wow. Well, I do feel your pain, I gotta say. May it be over soon for both of us!


I thought your hotel line was funny too. Do we get to see pictures of the finished floors?


Ugh. Floor sanding. Been there. Actually we replaced the floors entirely. It was exactly like moving. Everything out. As for BB, talk talk talk to her and just keep repeating to her what is going on. Even if you think you sound like an idiot repeating over and over that you are packing books because men are coming to fix the floors. And you are going on an airplane but you are coming back to her house. Yadda yadda. I'm not kidding. Once we started this approach with LSP she reacted SO much better to any change. And while you're away also, keep saying stuff like "we are on holiday now but after we have our nice time here we go back to BB's house with Mommy and Daddy and Dumpling."

Good luck with all of it! And have fun!!


I can so totally see us doing something similar... ;o)
We won't last a year without going anywhere!!!


Yep-we will be doing a lot of traveling the first 6 months home from China-Chicago, San Antonio, Minneapolis, San Diego, and a couple of weeks up in Maine before the end of June. I do appreciate all of you paving the way for us by sharing your experiences-I'll remember figlet's advice ; ) ~lmc


This is my first time visiting your site and i must say i like it a lot.
Your post was a good read.
I will definetly check back here more often!


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