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October 29, 2007



Just wanted to say that we have a similar struggle with my oldest daughter (almost 5 yrs) - She's been diagnosed as a Problem Feeder, not a picky eater, and she has yet to eat a lunch or snack at Pre-k without guidance. There are some great books, and working with an OT helped us a lot. The most frustrating thing for me now is the disbelief from folks who think she'd eat if I just fed her the "right" things, and those who think she doesn't eat because I don't force her to. Sigh.


Top Chef Season 3 won't play on my computer or iPod!!!
Neither did episodes 10 and 11 of Season 1...
ARRRGGGHHHHH!!! I'm choking, I'm breaking into hives, my hair turned green...
Gimme that wine back!


P.S. Don't you own one of those corks you can pump yet???
P.P.S. S just said he would see if he can do something about it. Don't ship the wine quite yet.


I would share a bottle of red with you ; ) Need to find that label for a couple of new mommies in my posse...
Sorry about the lunch stuff-I'm sure that's really hard-I actually wouldn't eat lunch at school either, so you can call my mom if you want ; ) she finally made arrangements for me to go to a friend's house near the school for lunch, even though the friend stayed at school!

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