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December 13, 2007



I know its nuts because in actual fact families travelling with more than one child almost never use up their full luggage entitlement because its impossible to carry that much luggage AND two or more children.

Should I mention how fabulous the car seat with the GoGoBaby wheels works? Gives you a stroller all the way to the door and instantly upon landing. Unless you travel on Virgin and I'd better not even get started on that, still makes me seethe when I think about it.


Good to know, cause we would have to fly AC to get to the inlaws and the double stoller we have is an umbrella and there aint' no way in hell I am checking it other than at the gate, we have flown a few different airlines with no issues with our inglesina twin swift and if AC won't let us bring it to toronto, then we will have to fly another airline.
Be careful with the carseat one, as alot of airlines the carseat stroller won't fit on the plane!

Crap, and now that I say this to Conor I don't think anyone else flies to toronto out of here except stupid AC. maybe we can book the tickets on US Air and say that we need to go under their policy.

(crap cause we are just getting passports and will have to be up to Toronto soon)



Do they allow the car seat/stroller combo thingy? Because they can't not allow baby seats, can they?


Oh I had that whole converation with my buscompany when my kids were litller. Justy sling them.I have beachball kids myself and I can't sling a one year old when I go shopping... Besides they always start driving wen I am still walking throught the bus wth two kids. For airports it seems an extremely stupid move. I would just write your conclusion. Hey next time I bring more luggage.. See how they feel.

I flew low budget to london last week and there was one lady with a child oin stroller and an older one who slept. One of the pursers carried the child through the gate so she could sit with him for a while. I was impressed!


OMG that's horrifying. No, seriously. With two big babies who don't walk yet there is no physical way I could get them to the gate by myself. I can't sling them both.

Guess I won't be flying AC anytime soon. But it makes me want to check other airlines' policies. Thanks for the heads up.


Argh. We tend to travel like the Clampetts. When we traveled with the Bug (what a pain to schlepp but so awesome when we got to our destination) I would bring the sit-n-stroll as well for airport use. See if you can get one second hand. They're great. I'm not sure they're really $200 great but it's saved my butt on so many trips. This is not to say that AC's policy isn't sucky because it is. It's right up there with all the airlines that no longer preboard children. Elite travelers, yes but not families with children. Ugh.


I flew Air Canada on Nov. 28th and brought my (very large) Bob stroller to the door. No problems. I wonder when their policy changed?

I generally use my Quinny Zapp though, because it's smaller and easier to maneuver in the airport. I think (hope?) that this stroller is alright since it folds up so small.


Well apparently they got enough complaints, I got an email back that said thanks for complaining, effective dec 14th we're going back to the old policy! Who knew they might actually listen to customers? But I sure couldn't make it through the Vancouver airport with my 2 without a stroller! Thanks for speaking up, its what inspired me to complain. Celeste


Just a heads up for you. The policy wasn't introduced to create a hassle for parents, but rather to avoid the last minute delays and bumped baggage caused by oversize strollers (Chariots & "Off Road" type).

As it is not normally realized until after the aircraft has been loaded (bagagge holds), that there may be 2 or 3 strollers waiting on the bridge. The ground crew must then go up the bridge, carry these awkward and often dangerous (they have a tendancy to open up when you least expect them) down a rather narrow and often slippery stairwell, then try to find room in the cargo holds for these items. For some flights this is not an issue and they fit ok, but on smaller aircraft (E90, CRJ etc.) this can be a huge problem. These holds are rather small and often space is at a premium. Normally the way the hold is loaded is based upon what is on the carts that come from the bag room. If the hold is full when the strollers are brought down something has to be removed from the hold to make room (strollers and car seats are "must fly items"). The items removed will almost always be baggage. 2 oversized strollers can cause at least 8 to 15 bags to be removed from the flight. 2 umbrella type may need 2 bags to be removed (if that).

Sorry to make this so long winded, but I wanted to explain why the policy was brought into place in the first place. Since management has reversed their policy (as of the 14th of Dec), we will again be accepting these oversized strollers. Unfortunatly, due to how busy we are over the x-mas season, it will result in someones baggage (perhaps the owners of the oversize stroller) will not make the same flight.

I'd suggest travelling with an umbrella type, or checking the oversized one at the gate (it will still travel with you). It helps everyone involved with that flight.


Hey everyone,join my petition against Air Canada...1125 so far !!!
Bob in CBS NL

moby wrap

Well you need to abide by the rules and regulations

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