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December 18, 2007



i've heard this many times...if you want to get pregnant be 15 in the back seat of a car. guess there is some truth there.


We can only hope K-Fed owns up to his responsibilities and helps Jamie raise this child.


Pamela Anderson's only on her third divorce? Huh.

I can't even touch the Spears story.


Okay, that first one made me sick to my stomach. The second one doesn't surprise me at all. Actually, the fact that gays can't marry makes me sick to my stomach too. I think I need some juice boxes of my own. And my juice boxes have tequila in them!

JoAnn in NJ

I was sickened over the Jamie Spears story as well. 16....so sad and wrong.

Pam Anderson is a big joke. She must have her divorce lawyer on speed dial #1.

I'll bet she ends up back with either Kid or Tommy again.

But it's always the kids who suffer.

Wish bio parents had to go through the same stringent screening as we adoptive parents...I know civil rights and all, but it's the kids who are suffering.


Scary that Britney now seems like the mature older sister and K-Fed seems like a responsible guy. I have been so angry all day over this.

Sister Carrie

I am so disappointed about Jamie Lynn. My kids watch her show. I guess there wasn't any real hope that she would avoid messing up her life. But I didn't expect it to happen so soon.

Monique in Michigan

For all the people in this world that are "so upset" by this news...stop and think for a moment!!!

You are not in her shoes...she is most-likely filled with confusion, roller-coaster emotions and an array of hormones that (with all this media drama) are causing her to question herself as a person.

Why stress her out during her precious pregnancy? What right do you have? If it were your daughter - what would you be doing? Ask yourself - what is really "trash" but the unsupportive parents that would secretively take their daughter to an abortion clinic to kill the baby? Is that a better role model for your children???

Why don't people just sit back and think about what it truely means to be a Christian in this world...to be supportive and optimistic!
I'm so proud of her for not questioning whether or not to have her baby. Maybe some people out there whose children "need" better role models need to be better role models themselves!!!


Lynne Spears is mother of the year. Bet Brit will be bummed to get beat out by her mom. Can I get an invite to the after party?

Mortimer's Mom

First of all, I am not Christian. Second of all, it was a Snarky post. I am a snarky bitch and I make fun of stupid stuff. Move along if you are not interested. Finally, Lynn Spears was in the process of writing a book about parenting. I'm sorry, but I don't think a woman who managed to raise two daughters who are having children in and out of wedlock the way Britney and Jaime Lynn are should be giving anyone advice on raising children.

My post was a bout the karmic force that makes people like me spend years and tens of thousands of dollars trying to have children, and then a 16 year old who markets herself as the picture of wholesomeness gets pregnant.

And for the record, I am 100% absolutely pro-choice, and if my 16 year old came home pregnant, I would have a serious discussion and all options would be open.


Plus the articles I read say she did take a couple of weeks to decide whether to keep the baby or not. So she didn't "not question" whether to have her baby.

Not that that is the point of MM's post AT ALL. If you are a regular reader of her blog you would get the snark.


OK, I had to read the comments to even have a clue about who Jamie Lynn Spears is.... DUH. However.

I remember being that age. I remember my mother telling me that I was too young to have sex because I was too young to deal with the possible consequences. And then telling me that if I got pregnant at that age, she would take me out and make sure I had an abortion. Not secretive, nope, nothing secretive about it. No choice for me, either. I was fine with all of that, BTW, and basically think my Mom kicked ass on the subject.

When we were still in The Pit of Infertility I was talking to a friend who had also been in the pit. We talked about writing an infertility book, but the problem was we figured out that the best "cure" for infertility was to be a 16 year old crack addict. Preferably homeless. We decided that the market would be a bit small for this book, so we didn't write it.

I am with you, MM. Bring on the birth control, dammit. Show some forethought, planning, and sense. Holy crap-- if you can't manage birth control, how in hell are you going to manage a child. Think she'll do as well as her sister, the World's Worst Parenting Role Model? And their mother is writing a parenting book. I assume the title will be either "parenting for idiots" or "parenting by idiots" or perhaps "the what not to do" manual.


"Parenting by idiots" - love it!

This situation truly does epitomize the irony of having a baby when you don't want one and then not being able to have one when you're ready.


Isn't it amazing what christmas will do? "Christians" who are proud to be as judgmental as all hell during the rest of the year suddenly start throwing goodwill all OVER the place. Jingle bells.
MM, I'm with you. It's a mess - one of many in the world. I hope it works out for the child and the parents but ack...


First I must say that Jaimie is being responsible and adult about her decision, first she's choosing to have the baby instead of an abortion.(Sure only being 16 is a big deal) She isnt being like Britney contrary to what you may believe, britney doesnt seem to care to much about her kids all she wants back is her career. Jaimie lynn decided to step out of show buisness and take care of her child, LIKE ANY ADULT SHOULD...maybe not give up your entire career. BUT SHE IS raising this baby and not just giving up on it. She made the mistake and now she's correcting it. She's a very smart girl for what she's doing and all this negative crap about both girls dont help...would you be saying the same things if this was your child.

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