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December 10, 2007



I named my dog Rory after the gilmore girls. give it a shot. It is really great and I still tivo the re-runs. My fav now is the OC, if you haven't done that, try it. Also, veronica mars.

Ok. I am out. hope the shoppers are ALL at your shop!


I've now made my way through all seasons of Boston Legal... if you like quirky and over the top, this show is hilarious. I'm also working my way through the 7 years of West Wing...I've seen most episodes, but they're worth seeing again. Same for the Mary Tyler Moore show. And I've just gotten Season 1 of Picket Fences. I haven't seen Dexter and I don't think I'm quite ready for it, but it does sound like an original idea for a TV show which is pretty rare these days! In the meantime, it's DVDs and decorating shows for me!



I also am addicted to that show. It is so good. It took me a few episodes to get into it, but now I am hooked. I think part of it was that I found myself cheering for him, and that just seemed wrong because hello! He's a serial killer! I close my eyes during the bloody parts!


I just started watching Dexter via netflix next week. I am totally hooked too. The only bummer about watching it is there is no way I can watch it when M is around. That leaves me jonesing all day for a new episode.

I avoided Gilmore Girls like the plague for years, but once I accidently watched one episode, I was hooked. M liked it too. There was hardly anything about it that was too inappropriate for a four year old. Plus she liked to sing the song.


There is another show that has a new season coming. Jericho. The previews for the season last year were terrible, but the show is great. It's about a very small town surviving after a nuclear attack in the US. No gore, or nuclear waste, just people trying to survive and thrive. It starts again Feb. 12th on CBS.


i love this show and am thrilled that CBS is going to play it (cleaned up version) here in the US during this darn strike. i can't wait. hey - i'm on the verge of my referral...telling everyone i can ;-)

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