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December 22, 2007



I would have lunged over the counter. Customer wouldn't have made it out unscathed.

OT: So we got caught up and finished watching Project Runway Canada. At first I thought Iman came off a bit strong but you just love her in the end. And I'm glad Biddell won. I was personally rooting for MG but in the end I loved Biddell's collection more. And I know this is super OT, but had to mention it.




Oh dear. Why do some people have to be such idiots? I'm curious if any of the other customers were doing the old eye roll behind this woman's back.


How many more days until you're skiing up at the Kibbutz of the North? Hang in there!


I just noticed how many freaking typos I've got in that post!!!! Does that tellyou how truly annoyed I am???? 3 days, we leave Tuesdy morning for the kibbutz and we aren't coming back until school resumes on the 7th. Boy do I ever need it!


ROFL!!!! I can only imagine how annoying that had to be, but your retelling is pretty funny!


Katie J

This is the reason to grow long pointy nails. Retail at this time of the year is hell. Good luck.


Har! I know it's dreadfully irritating in person, but you made your audience laugh...

Just a few more days!


Wow! I thought all of the rude people in the world lived in Dearborn Mi. Hmm they must be vacationing in your part of the world:-D

Tis the season to up your meds.


Relatively new to reading your blog. Love your snark. You deserve an award or something for your patience and store ownership-courteous-hospitality. I would have said something sarcastically nasty to Santa-paper-misplaced-sense-of-entitlement-lady. Good luck with the rest of the holiday season.


It stinks that holiday shopping brings out the worst in people. I avoid the malls in December in part because it breaks my heart to witness all the arguing and general crabbiness.

re OT: there is Project Runway Canada???? How many seasons? Is it on DVD?


Geez, hope your boss goes easy on you. HA HA Have a great vacation. Maybe you'll spot that lady on the ski hill and "accidentally" ski over top of her.


You should have snatched the present away from her and not let her buy it. Next time, just kick her stupidness out of the store!!!


Have you ever said "well I own this store so you're SOL"


ahh happy memories, excellent job though, the killing them with politeness is always the sweetest revenge and it makes so much less mess than the sissors.


That's too funny.

I used to wrap presents at the mall (for charity!) and people would freak out. One lady actually grabbed her gift, mid-wrap, and walked away with it. I am a very good wrapper too. There's just no pleasing some people.


Maybe you should have asked your cashier to call her boss..stat!


Unbelievable. And she wanted Santa wrapping paper? Clearly, she was just nuts.

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