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January 20, 2008



I bet the richie riches don't do their own decorating either. What FUN do they have? I'm with you! What good is it to be rich when you don't do have time to do the fun stuff (or even know that decorating and spending time with your kids IS fun!) When I get rich, I'm flying you to NB to spin your decorating magic in my house..lol. I especially LOVE the birds! Can't believe that's wrapping paper, wow...great thinking!


I'm starting to wonder if it is a reaction to the destruction of a fantasy; after all if you have money doesn't everything else just fall into place? What I'll never get is why would anyone waste their time reading a blog that makes them crazy let alone respond with a comment. I can barely comment on the blogs that I LIKE.

Very cool rooms in the Kibbutz. I so wish I had a crafty/creative bone in my body. My one color splurge is that our living/dining room is a beeswax yellow and I have a very funky (but oh how I love it) fabric on our little sofa. It is red/orange, green, a similar yellow, with cranes and pomegranate trees. And why am I telling you this....?



You go girl. You do not have to justify what you want to write about on your site- it's YOUR site! I read personal sites because I want to be able to dive into that writer's personal world view- whatever it may be, particularly if they are candid and self-reflective (as you so often are you!) If trolls don't want to read it, they can take it elsewhere. The internet is a big place!


I say as long as you didn't steal your money then don't be ashamed about spending your coins on anything you want. Now if you feel guilty enough to want to give away your Kate Spade I will email you my address:-D I am (well was I just quit to go to grad school full time) a Social Worker which is a field that has a lot of rewards but money is not one of them and I would get comments about my purses or sweaters and yeah they are designer and no I didn't pay full price and I earned the money so go about your day.

Also please come live with me the next time you want to do a DIY project because my entire house qualifies as a project:)


I think its lovely you have money for your needs and to have fun and live a comfortable life. What's ugly is that people would begrudge you that. Even though I can't purchases some of the things you do, I love reading about about your newest pair of Campers—or when you bought the hot jeans. I may not be able to afford those things right now, but quite possibly one day I will.

And then I'll fight you for the of-the-moment Kate Spade bag. ;o)


Troll jealousy is the worst.

The easiest ways to take care of trolls is to bitch-slap their comments into the ether. That way, what's the point of leaving mean comments when no one will ever read them?

Rock on!

Kim O

Have you seen the new birdie bedding in Pottery Barn Kids? Reminds me of your magenta bedroom. I love that bedding!


I LOVE those colors. I think my Sophie's room might have to have at least one of them in it. I think it's sad that you have to censor what you write because of how others might judge you. I don't have any money. I live in an apartment. The only way we can afford this adoption is through generous monetary gifts from both my Dad and my sister. But it doesn't "bother" me at all to read about other blogger's vacations, or second homes, or fancy dinners out. Because it is none of my business! In fact, I like reading about these things because in a way I feel like I can live vicariously through you(Is that sad? I hope not). The only reason I can figure for people to be so judge mental is that they are jealous. Plain and simple. And if reading about other people's good fortune bothers them, then maybe they should stop reading!


Girl don't let them get to you!!!


The guest rooms at the Kibbutz look even more stylish than your basement, which was a 5 star retreat in bright orange and Bob Costas autographed photos.

Screw the trolls. Even with the writers strike, surely people have better things to do with their time then instigate flame wars on personal blogs.


I was wondering if your troll was the same as your friend's troll. It isn't just on blogs - money is sort of this taboo topic with a lot of people. I'm sorry you feel censored but I enjoy reading about your life, ALL of it, especially the part with those gorgeous walls. YOU are amazing. I've had the January doldrums myself, even here in sunny Israel, and what have I done? Eaten a lot of cookies and felt sorry for myself. You have made two rooms totally gorgeous. I'm off to check out your craft blog now.


I've always assumed you were the Princess of Kibbutzvania. Carry on, my lady!


I ran a financial website and closed it for this very reason.
Jealous trouble makers.
"oh you cant be financially smart if you buy Pottery Barn " bla bla bla

I also notice some of my favorite blogs did not post about their childs Christmas.
I wondered if some jealous troll commented...?

I think some folks just wanna feel superior.
It seems to be a crime to be raised dirt poor and now have earned a better life.



Those rooms! Oh my gosh, they just make me happy looking at them! You are magic and I am in awe, mostly because I haven't a creative bone in my body.

As for blogging about the fun stuff you do with your money, I love to read it! Your blog, your topic, trolls be damned!

JoAnn in NJ

Hey MM,
I love your new rooms!
As for the trolls, I don't get them at my blog, hopefully I won't ever.

There will always be people with more money and people with less money than I have. It's what I've chosen to do with my life that matters most to me. And how I give back to the world.

What I like about the bloggers I read best are that we share the same values. Such as children and adoption. I'm not the Prada shoe type, but I do love a good handbag when I can get my hands on one.

When I find I am mistaken and I don't share the same values as bloggers I read, I just don't read them anymore.

So, trolls, if you don't like what you read...then go away and don't read here anymore!


I think the fact that someone goes through the trouble of creating an anonymous account in order to diss someone else's life choices speaks badly not of the blogger but very much of the troll poster... how sad a life must one have to resent a perfect stranger's lifestyle that much!


Bug's mama

Delurking to say kudos for standing up for your friend and for not being ashamed to be comfortable in your own skin. Some have it, some don't and it's no one's right to say what one deserves/doesn't deserve. Enjoying your writing again!


Listen- Trolls are people with out the Chutzpah to stand up and say things with their names attached.

If you were saying you can't afford to buy your kids shoes and then bought a second house, that's one thing. Being financially comfortable or more is not something to be ashamed of. Money in American/Candian culture is a taboo subject. I have never figured out why. It just is...

If you have it, do what you want....


Why should it be anyone's business?



Or let me rephrase,why should it be a troll's business?

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