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January 26, 2008



could it be the anniversary? i have heard that adopted children can become more emotional/etc around the time of their adoption anniversary i have noticed my son can be a bit more emotional during that period of the year. and maybe it is only at the cottage because it is not her 'normal' home...even though it is a usual place for you guys to go every week it is still not 'home' and that reminds her of the hotel....i may be reaching here.


A bit old for raves? Hey, you're still a spring chicken compared to me! But seriously, I know exactly how it feels, but I can only imagine the added challenge of a party kid who is out of her crib already, and free to move around. I'm thankful my own night owl still sleeps in a crib! Hang in there: a very wise, very helpful mom once told me that nothing is permanent... :o)


I so feel for you. Glenys does everything under the sun except walk around to avoid going to sleep. She is too afraid to walk around and that is the only reason she doesn't. Good luck with the beach ball.


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