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January 10, 2008



I loved that movie! I too, had dreams of being locked inside a department store all night. But only if Andrew McCarthy was locked in there with me. Heh.


Very cool for both of them. Good publicity and maybe a break for the writer.



"Ohhhh Holllywoooood!" Mannequin is a classic.

I always wanted to live in an art museum, like in the book From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler. But IKEA would be pretty amazing. Endless supplies of swedish fish.


What mutually beneficial back-scratching. And, a good way to test all the furniture. What a great movie, too. Oh, and feel free to snag that pic if you'd like!!! :)


Probably not too much of a stretch for the guy. His roomates were likely a bunch of Diktads. Thank you, I'll be here the rest of my natural life.. I mean, all week.


My mom used to work in a department store, and so for some reason I thought I had it in when planning to overstay my welcome and spend the night in said store. My best friend and I would spend hours planning just exactly what we would need for our nights stay. We came up with: hoagie sandwiches, candy bars, and hairspray to spray in the eyes of any guard dogs. Of course we never had our night in the department store, so yeah, I'm so friggin' jealous, too! And IKEA of all places! Paradise....


Ha. That's our local Ikea

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