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January 27, 2008



The pics look nice. Thanks for posting about the classes - that's exactly what I need. I may be joining you, depending on a couple other situations.

Enjoy the class!


I'd be interested in the course as we have the same camera. Aren't our husbands wonderful? Let me know what it's all about. I'm too tired right now to read about it but would definitely be interested :)


Go you for signing up at Betterphoto!


You did a great job! Especially for just learning the new camera. Shooting in snow on a sunny day is unbelievably hard because you get a major washout from the reflection of the white and the shade in snow is just super grey. It's definitely a challenge!Did you use the flash?


Hmm, I'm tempted. Especially since I got a new lens for my birthday and am feeling like I'm back at square one. Great pictures.


Oh you're off to a great start! The snow photos are awesome. I was just thinking I should read the guide to my Elph. J has the Nikon. Unfortunately he's on the road pretty much straight for the next 2-3 months or I would take a class. Great idea. And yeah, I owe you an e-mail but I'm busy cleaning my house before you get here...!!


I'm already signed up for the Betterphoto Feb. 6 Rebel class. If that's the one you choose, I'll see you there. Your pictures are great.


I have owned my Rebel since March and have NO clue how to do anything.
The manual makes my head hurt. Reading it with 3 kids seems impossible :D
Do the classes require you "to have an understanding of your camera"?

If not, can you please tell me if you enjoy the class and how to sign up? :D
But if you have to know your camera then I'm outa luck LOL.

Happy Anniversary BB :D
What a cutie pie!!!!!!!


PS you know theres a free yahoo group for our camera right?
The thing is its WAY over my head, but still good to have.
They are super at know what rebel items to buy next also.
Like my lens is just not cutting it.
I need to take photos of my daughter in parades, or my baby rinning wild LOL....
and close up tiny things like lady bugs ;D



My new Rebel is scheduled to arrive on Tuesday and I'm excited to get it but scared because I have no clue as to how to use it. Thanks for the link to the class and I hope that you'll post about it and how you like it. Your first piccies look great and with the class they're only going to get better. Congrats on your 1 year with BB.


I see that you too are part of the 'Lounge' now... and I see that you also like photography... ohhh... I am so addicted... nice to meet you... Fliss (aka AussieFliss)

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