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January 09, 2008



I'm reading this post with over a foot of -- not going to get shoveled anytime soon -- snow of the ground. Moments like those tend to stick with you, no matter where life takes you. Aside from this past 15 months, ten years ago was probably one of my low points as well. Good thing blogs did not exist back then, or I would cringe at what my younger self might have written. More so than I already cringe over what I currently write.


I have trouble remembering 10 days ago, let along 10 years.


I remember that storm. DH was even given a t-shirt with "I survived the ice storm of 1998" on it which he still occasionally wears to bed!lol And 10 years ago in January, I found out I was pregnant with my now 9 year old son and we bought a house. Your life sure has changed in 10 years hasn't it!


cat, galloping

heh. life since blogging as a searchable archive! i just searched mine for when to start progesterone suppositories... much easier than calling the doctor!


I remember that storm, we have lots of family in Montreal and we got one phone call (when they still had phone service!) telling us about watching the transformers blow all the way up Decarie. I also remember that we were getting married shortly and we ordered our wedding rings from a jeweler in Montreal and they almost didn't make it on time!


I depend on my blog now for all things twins. I have no record anywhere else, how ridiculous is that. I thought, I have no idea what their 15 month stats were and then remembered, oh yeah, the blog.

we had a storm here in NC the first winter here and we had 20 inches of snow and were snowed in for 4 days! I don't recall much either, no blogs yet.


ahh I still hear the horror stories of how people survived, I was still on the westcoast - I am good at just missing major weather events! Perhaps it's a gift

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