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January 23, 2008



I so want the gun that shoots teddy bears Or wait! I need a golf club with a phalic end, oh yes "let's see, I think I could use the 4 iron, no wait, make it a dick head"


Glenys would love the pee and poo dolls. She is absolutely fascinated with pee and poo esp. other people's. As long as they didn't smell like the real thing they wouldn't be too terrible to have, would they? heh.



OH that is a good excuse. So knbow I can check out cute european toystores and then say I do internet research to give tips to a candian giftstore chain. Thank you!


I gotta say, that I would love these not for kids but for adults! Too much fun! My nephew would LOVE the pee and poop plushies since he is also obsessed with that particular topic.


They're right - it's never to early to teach a child proper technique when de-boning fish. Besides the plush pee and poo, my favorite is the name of the le*go-like toys. Or the pee-pee-putter. Tough call. On another note, are you hiring "market researchers?"


When I enlarged the plushies picture, it actually caught me off guard and I yelled (to myself, all alone in here)..."OH GROSS!" Guess my kids won't be having one of those play sets....yuck. What kind of sicko came up with that one???


PEE AND POOP dolls???? How gross!


have you seen the plush microbes and viruses and other general pathogens? they are a hoot. You can get the common cold on a key chain, or as a stuffed toy for your kid.... well worth a look. I bet you'd love them!

I kinda like the fish gutting toy, but rather draw the line at plush poop and pee. that's just wrong. I can, however, imagine friends I'd give it to if they had kids.


I kinda like the fish gutting toy too.


Oh, I'm LOVING the stuffed pee and poo. What I wouldn't do to get my hands on those.


does anyone know where i can get the fish toy?

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