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January 23, 2008



Brava to you. *Some* mom has to have the spine to say no to this sort of gateway media or every toddler will be dressing like Britney on one of her more-sexy-than-crazy days. The problem is so many other parents think anything their kids like must be fine, and then it's the rest of us who have it harder because of their leniency.


When my older daughter was 4 she had a playdate at a friend's house where they put on bikinis and pretended they were Britney. The friend had a 14 year old sister; my daughter had no idea who Britney was. Fortunately five years later neither of my daughters know much about Britney, but I am guilty of introducing my 5 year old to HSM through her sister, who is 9. The 9 year old mostly watches these movies when her sister is asleep, but the little one has seen both movies on long car trips, and she enjoys the songs. It's probably a good thing that it is geared to tweens rather than high school kids because it is pretty wholesome. That said, I wouldn't buy the movies or the music for a Pre-K or K kid either. Good for you for drawing the line.


Well, it's certainly better than having your daughter memorize the words to the songs in Grease. I'm waiting for her to ask me what a "p*ssy wagon" is, or what "the chicks will cre@m" means. (Disguising the words not out of prudery, but out of not wanting you to get lots of weird searchers...)

Reach For The Stars

I agree. There are far worse things for the little ones to be exposed to than HSM. I agree that it is a little old for a 4 year old, but at least it is clean.

Sister Carrie

If you're not comfortable with it, then bravo to you for drawing the line there. I do agree with the others that the movies are very clean. The heroes don't even kiss in the first movie that I can recall. And the message is about being true to yourself. So it could be worse. I'm laughing at OmegaMom's comments because I had the exact issue with Grease. The kids love the songs, but I turned off the subtitles in hopes they wouldn't understand the lyrics.


Yeah I hear you. My 6 year old first watched it with cousins last summer and now LOVES it (only HSM 2, HSM is 'so boring Mom') because her 10 year old best friend loves it. I've never seen it or actually heard the songs - except as sung by the 10 and 6 year olds. And also when the 10 year old's 3 year old sister sings them. I have to admit it is pretty funny in a twisted way to hear a 3 year old singing the break up song "I've got to move on and be who I am, I just don't belong here, I hope you understand".


My Goddaughter, who is five, just got the HSM Wii game for Christmas. It is EVERYWHERE. Although I guess I didn't realize that it is Disney. This cements my decision to buy stock in Disney. Before we ever make it to Disneyland. Because that way I won't feel quite so bad about paying seven dollars for a soda and 50 bucks to go to a special dinner to meet the princesses. And no, I do not want my kids to be into Disney princesses. In fact, I am know as the Disney-hating killjoy by my friends. But if their one and only dream when they turn five is to go meet the princesses, I will clinch my teeth and grin and bear it. Knowing all the while that my purchases and the purchases of all the other suckers at the park will hopefully drive up profits, thereby ensuring a higher stock price.

And because the rides are cool.

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