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February 06, 2008


Beverly Moore

All I have to say is cute cute cute.



Dude(ss), I found that if you pick one type of shoe...say white sneakers...and they are the type that they make (almost) forever, then you never ever have to shop! You just buy...uhh 10 of them and then you're set for 10 years. No more stress over shopping!

Just trying to help out.


Killer spring coat indeed—I can understand the instant love on that one. I can't believe you got those super cute Coach flats for so cheap...


Ok and what do I get when I click that link (always interested in killercoats). A sign that says anthropology now ships to the Netherlands.

Woman, you just ruined our financial stability!

Heather  Ann

Johnny! Laughing, here!

I really wanted to see the purse - love it. Thanks for the great eye-candy.


You see? Dry clean only? I can't justify any clothing purchase that makes me walk into a dry cleaner! Jackets yes, shirts? No way jose!

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