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February 28, 2008


Heather  Ann

I was fascinated by Red China Blues - sorry no punctuation. Jan Wong in an interview is odd to say the least. I will, however, look for this book. My husband last night described China as the new Wild West.


Thanks for the recommendation. I am collecting/reading books on China history and other for Glenys when she grows up. I want her to know what was going on there that played a roll in her coming to America to live with me because the roots go very deep and very far back!!



Jan is speaking at an event we're going to next month and she'll be selling the book. I'll be sure to pick up a copy. It sounds really interesting.



I also liked Red China Blues. This book sounds like a good way for adoptive parents to disabuse ourselves of romantic visions of what "China" is based on what it might have been like once upon a time (maybe!). This is the China our girls would have grown up in and will grow up knowing about. Especially as it becomes more and more an economic superpower.


sounds like a must read -funny that you should post this today, I just finished Chasing Hepburn - a bio about 3 generations of a chinese family and I also could not put it down. I bought it to better understand what happened in the events leading up to Taiwan's seperation, it taught me very little about that but I learned tons about chinese history and family structure. It is a long book but I loved every minute of it.

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