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February 16, 2008



I'd send you our snow-blow thrower, but I doubt it would make it there in time. Contrary to what you might think, I have been shoveling all winter. We have no guy. I am the guy. Life sucks. Damn, I miss Seattle!


Oof. You must have amazing muscles!

When we bought our house in southern CA in 1999, we tried to buy patio furniture for our new deck. Only to learn that of course you don't buy patio furniture in early September! It's time to prepare for Santa Barbara's (slightly cooler and rainy-ish for SB) winter. Silly us! Never mind that September is the hottest month in Santa Barbara.


lol, I noticed the same thing just yesterday at Home Depot and Lowes and was wondering to myself, what the hell are they thinking?? We also have way more snow than is usual in these parts and currently owning 2 homes, I've had a snow shovel attached to my arm more often than not...I went through a stage where I could barely lift my arms they were so sore!! And now, we have to go shovel about 40 feet of snowbanks in front of our house so that a moving truck can hopefully fit in there on Tuesday...oh, and did I mention that we're expecting another 5-10 inches of snow this weekend?? Oh yeah, we're thrilled! So I'm totally with you and next year, I'm hiring a snow guy - that should ensure that not a drop of snow falls all winter!lol


I hear you on SOD. I foolishly thought I could run in and buy LSP a winter coat on sale after the zipper broke on her coat. But all that was left was a bunch of blingy, hideous Baby Phat type nonsense that made me realize I'd rather have my kid ride out winter in last year's coat with sleeves that are too short but that doesn't make her look like a wanna be ho. I can see garden furniture in stock down here, but up by you? For real? Where it snows in April? WTF? Take some ibuprofen and place your order for that snow blower/thrower in July.


My question is where the hell was your brother this week??? He better be somewhere really hot and lying on some sandy beach as this would be the only good excuse for leaving his sister in such dire straits! I was really lucky this weekend as hubs was there to shovel us in unlike last weekend when I had to shovel myself while he was on some golf course in Arizona (which he will not stop talking about!). Snow is great, isn't it?


What about the good ole Sears catalogue/website? Every little town has a Sears pickup spot and they have snowblowers and patio furniture at the same time. I don't know how I'd live in rural NB without Sears!


Huge pet peeve of mine. The local drugstore stopped selling insect repellant the day before labor day weekend. Apparently the mosquitoes have a day planner, otherwise how would they know to head out of town? Kai needs new mittens....he'll have to tough it out with his too small pair until this summer when they again offered for sale.


off to check the sears catalog.

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