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February 20, 2008



Back and forth, back and forth... Speaking of, my own baby was up for 2 hours again last night. But "nothing is permanent", remember? :o) Hey, at least, they are taking turns!

I can totally imagine that waiter going head over heels for Dumpling though: I'm sure he was a goner the minute you walked in. Congratulations, dinning out in peace is BIG!


She may some where in her mind think she is having to try out a new family away from you. She may be just a bit confused and just needs to see the routine continue as always. Just keep reassuring her. Of course my mom has 4 bio kids (I am number 3) and it seems she can't get all 4 of us on the same good page. When one family is well the other three are in disasters and vice versa! So it could be just the curse I mean blessing of course of two kids/two personalities.



Haven't you heard that children can only be cooperative one at a time - keeps parents on their toes!lol But seriously, happy to hear you had a nice relaxed meal with Dumpling and I hope that BB gets back into her regular sleep schedule. It's amazing how exhausted you can be when you don't get a good night's sleep a few nights in a row isn't it!



BB and Shoop would make a good pair right now. Maybe we could airlift them into Afghanistan for the weekend and they'd clean the place out.

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