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February 01, 2008



Delurking to say how utterly jealous I am that you're going to the gift show. I used to work it years ago in a previous life, and have some great memories wrapped up in that building. (Not to mention the time I parked in some DISGUSTING lot, not realizing that it closed at midnight! Nearly lost my car that evening...) Have a safe, successful, FUN trip and breathe in a bit of NY atmosphere for an occasionally homesick and often nostalgic blogreader.

PS Haircut looks great :).


Enjoy the JM concert tonight, sounds like fun. I love the new "do", very cute and hip!


Forgot to mention....I SUPER LOVE the new do. You are one rockin' mama! Probably the best looking groupie they'll see on the tour! When I heard John Mellencamp was touring this year, I told my hubby I thought it would be a great show and he laughed at me and said I was stuck in the 80s. Glad to hear I'm not the only one with great taste in music...oh yeah and our first "real" date was a Tom Cochrane concert that I got free tickets to when I used to be a radio announcer...ah the memories. Maybe I AM stuck in the 80s.


Oh yeah...almost forgot....could Jim BEEEE Hotter? Nope, didn't think so!


I love the little miss happy hour shirt!


Oh, it was so fantastic. I love the decoration and the sound makes me feel great!


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