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March 08, 2008



We won't change until easter! But daffodils are blooming there socks of. I think you stole our snow. This is the first winter in a long time where we haven't had any. IUt is such a shame. WInter changes in the rainseason here..


No snow here, just rain, rain, rain. It is really rather hard to believe that DST starts tonight. How can it be spring already?


I so hear you. We shoveled the car 3 times today, just running some errands! I can't believe it: the best winter ever, and a baby who doesn't ski yet...

And sad to say, but I do remember that famous storm in 71! My brother and I were all excited, having to be rescued by snowmobile from our home because there was no more power. THAT was adventure when you're a kid! Alas, as we got out the door, the power came back... Talk about a let down!!!


As we sit here, getting another foot of snow or so as well, although we don't have anywhere near what you do on the ground, I think we're pretty close to record breaking for our area, and I was just thinking, Daylight Savings - my ass! It's bloody ridiculous!! The only good thing is that the kids are on spring break and I won't have to wake them an hour earlier to go to school!! I like winter, but like you, I've had enough!! I was out shoveling on 3 different occasions today and my driveway and walkway are still full - and like you, there's nowhere to put it anymore!! And since the cable guy can't install cable at the new house until most of the snow is gone, I'm not expecting to be watching TV much before June at this rate!lol



We too spring forward tonight (DH likes to try to get us to spring ahead early by talking about what time it really is). No snow here just a 40 degree temperature drop in 3 hours after a crazy rainy windy day.

I used to complain about the cold when I lived in Miami, somehow I can't get warm if it is below 70....

Enjoy the last of winter.


Sarah in Ottawa

Just down the way from you in Ottawa, we are feeling your pain. As of this morning, we have had 374 cm of snow, and they are predicting another 40 cm today. This is our first winter in our house and first winter we have had to shovel -- we are DYING! Our friends from Toronto (one of whom is here this weekend) is just stunned by the height of our snowbanks. Three times in the past week, my husband and/or I have had to climb up on the banks to condense them or reposition the snow. The kids across the street are just LOVING the snow...I kind of wish that I were a child so that I could enjoy it more, gazing at it in wonder.

I wasn't around in 70-71 (born in Pointe Claire in 77), but I want to break the damn record now! It was 444 cm in Ottawa...we can do it!


I just can't comprehend all of that snow. I do not do cold well. I would be miserable. I hope the sun comes out soon and thaws out your world soon!


Wow. That is a lot of snow. I've said it before and I'll say it again: your arms must be buff from all that shoveling!

Here in Israel, we don't spring forward until the first Friday before April 2, whenever that is (am too lazy to consult a calendar). But it was in the high 80s/low 90s this weekend, and it's already light at 6 am but sundown is still at 5:40ish. I am really ready to move into summertime.

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