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March 20, 2008


Mrs Figby

Oh, HAPPIEST of birthdays to the Dumpling! (And, uh, nice rack?)


Happy, happy Birthday Dumpling!


I love the french Happy Birthday sign in the background of photo 2.


Happy, Happy, Happy birthday to dumpling!!! Hope she has a fabulous celebration - and gets over the gum facination soon. She'll only have to get it stuck in her hair once for that to happen. Not that I ever did that (ehem). I'm just sayin', is all. Oh, and should she find gum in her hair (or on the carpet, couch, clothes, etc) ice will harden the icky-sticky stuff and make it easier to remove. :)


Happy Birthday Dumpling. I also set the gum chewing age at five. My daughters both tried it when they hit the magic age but fortunately don't like it very much. I can count on one hand the number of times they've had it. My fingers are crossed that Dumpling has a similar reaction.


I remember that picture from last year!

Happy 5th b-day. 5, WHAT A BIG GIRL!

JoAnn in NJ

Happy Birthday Dumpling!
I love your outfit and your cakes. And your French banner is charming!

And Congrats to Mortimer's Dad for having such a Babealicous Wife!

Herb Urban

Happy belated birthday Dumpling!


Happy Belated Birthday! And I love the birthday cake...that is super gorgeous. Thanks for teh pictures, they are wonderful, Dumpling is getting so big. Can't wait to see you this Spring in Chicago!


Don't make a big deal out of the gum and she will get over it quicker.



Oh drats! I am late to the party. Happy belated birthday Dumpling. I hope 5 is a wonderful year full of happiness and love, good health and a few terrific and unexpected surprises. Best wishes little snow fairy!

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