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March 31, 2008



Ha ha ha ha. No, you don't mean me. My husband has to bribe me to sew on a button. And there's a baby blanket that I started crocheting for my nephew when he was in-utero. He's 3.5, and his 3rd sibling is on the way. At the rate my blanket is going, the "MIGHT be used by an actual child" applies as well.

But of course, I have 3 pregger sisters (one of whom is just getting started with her procreatin'), so hey, I may actually finish it for one of them.

But I'm sure you'll enjoy the swap regardless. Without Jayne.



Carol Anne

You really don't want me. I would totally suck at quilting. I use to sew my own clothes, but that was before kids. Now my machine with it's embroidery elements sit gathering dust.


I'm in and willing to lend a hand if you need it.


I'm in and willing to lend a hand if you need it.


I so so want to, but my machine is packed away and I know I just wouldn't ever get finished, and then I'd just feel guilty. But I'm with you in spirit!


Good for you. You took a really crappy situation and are turning it into something new and exciting. You took something potentially alientating and are turning it into a way to bring more people together.


Are you sure you mean me? I might do my quilting with some tin snips and sheet metal.


You've made me almost want to try finishing the quilt that I have been trying to piece together for about a year now. But I know myself too well. I would punk out almost immediately and that would actually be worse than your mean troll. Can't wait to see the finished quilts from this swap - have a great time in Canton with everyone.

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