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March 31, 2008



I just don't get people either. I did that doll quilt swap the first go round and the whole point of it was to do it with out pressure of it being perfect. gah. If I followed what she preached I never would have begun sewing dolls.

I love you and am honored that you call me friend. We've been friends now since 2004!



I've been reading your blog for awhile now, from afar.
Of course it hurts.
For me, blogging is akin to speaking with a person, or group of people, it's a conversation and I suspect you and many other bloggers feel that way too. So, it's as if "jerky jayne" made that comment to your face. Ouch!
It speaks volumes about her though doesn't it?
Kind of sad to have little else other than to be so critical about other peoples sewing skills.
Very sad really...
You, on the other hand, i enjoy reading; you're very expressive, fun and have such a positive outlook on things - you're fun to follow!


That is ridiculous. You will never learn if you don't push the boundaries of what you know how to do. Aren't we supposed to encourage each other in the craft blogging world. I know it is hard but let it go. She isn't worth the aggravation if she can't be supportive.


Fight the good fight.

Sister Carrie

Yay you. "Jayne" is a coward, not even signing her real name. Don't let it get to you.


Ack! I'm so sorry its got under your skin, give it another 24 hours and you'll be saying Jayne who? She however will still be a narrow minded mean hearted you know what.

Bobbi Jo

Sad that some crabby person ruined the whole swap for you. I completely agree with you on the reasons why you don't password protect, and yet I often see that many on the internet forget that we're adults and not junior high schoolers. I hope "Jayne" realizes now that she was completely rude, insensitive and wrong about your skills.

I can't wait to meet all you blogging mamas in person! woohoo.


just thanking you for not stopping blogging at all. It was a very hurtfull comment and swaps should not be like that...


I know what you mean - it would get me the exact same way (and it did). I moved my blog for the same reason, cheap shots. I knew who was doing it and she knew what she said would hurt me. However, if it happened again, I think I'd stay. There are more good people out there worth hanging around for than those worth running or hiding from.
And like you said, you never know when something that you wrote will have an impact on someone's life...


You could always close comments. I don't have a public comments section on my Diaryland blog, and that suits me fine.


I hate that comments like this-- angry, mean, smug, self-satisfied, nasty, can I say mean a few more times?-- can get under your skin, my skin, everyone's skin. She is an idiot, of course, because the whole point of a SWAP is that you will get other people's stuff. If you are a Professional Quilter, then sell your Fancy Crap for the millions she clearly thinks her stuff is worth, and leave the peons to their swapping for Fun. See, it is supposed to be FUN and she kinda missed that part, and she is nasty.

And while we're at it, MM, she is also wrong. That quilt is adorable. You put in a lot of time and thought, and it is lovely. And you know what else? Even if it wasn't, even if it was total crap (which it is not) it is a DOLL QUILT. This is not for someone's granddaughter's wedding, this is for a DOLL. Her inability to understand the entire concept of the swap should not rattle you this much. She is a tool. A complete and total idiot, and a control freak, and a synonym-for-female-dog which I won't say here because I don't remember if you allow cursing in your comments. But I'd like to let go a stream at her, because she is just such a nasty piece of work.

You are too good for her, and far too kind. She's mean and there is nothing anyone can do about that. Except for continue to be the person you are, doing the beautiful work you do in every way, and know that she will always be miserable and dissatisfied and mean, and you will not. She won't get the karmic comeuppance she deserves, sadly, but then she will never create something lovely like your quilt and be happy with it, either, and she will always be mean and nasty and unhappy.


My, that comment hurt ME and I haven't sewn anything in about 10 years! It was mean, and cowardly, and totally selfish: just like rude drivers, acting from the relative anonymity of their car... You do realize that what she wrote told us all a lot more about herself than about you, don't you? Mean, narrow-minded, insecure people are everywhere: don't give then more power than they deserve, which is none. I'm sure your life is much more fun, and fulfilled, and big, and healthy in all senses of the word than hers.


That comment was very rude and hurtful, and I certainly understand why you can't shake it off immediately. It reminded me of when I (briefly) lived in small town Indiana (not slamming IN-I was born there-this was just my experience)and couldn't get anyone to tell me where the quilt guild meeting was because I apparently don't qualify as a "real quilter." (My corners, oh my-plus, I like scrap quilting, for shame)

I agree with all your reasons for not doing pp-I feel the same, though I do have my blog blocked from search engines-thus I get serendipity but not total randomness-just a thought. ~lmc


I'm pretty new to the blogging scene and have so far only had one weird comment and it freaked me out completely. I enabled all sorts of comment moderation and was on high alert for a while.

In real life, if someone makes a passing negative comment one can consider the source and then choose to ignore it. On the computer, those comments stay there forever and there are no other cues as to why the person was motivated to say something in the first place.

My suggestion is to put that delete button to work. It's the cyber-equivalent of rolling your eyes and muttering bi*tch under your breath.


It's my experience that people use the anonymity factor of the Internet to do and say hateful things they'd never do and say in person. I used to "moderate" an AOL rpg and went to a live meeting of players in Milwaukee years ago. It was quite humorous to see that the most arrogant players were quite mousy and passive in person. I think people who comment like that are to pitied as they usually have miserable lives and no power to speak their minds. Instead, they hide and snipe to try and make themselves feel superior. It fails.


I admit that the comment may have been hurtful, but there is some truth to the context of what "Jayne" said, I'm afraid. Pushing your limits and learning new things is great, but who sends their practice work to other people? I'm just saying. Last time I checked, Doll Quilts are for display, not for your baby girl to play with on her dolls. It's hardly fair to send someone your practice work if they're going to send quality.

If you're going to put your stuff out there on the internet, you're going to get critics. You really need to let this go. Like elise said, hit the delete button and move on.


Keep your chin up... Jayne is a loser!


Sorry to hear the comment stung. Would have stung me too. But it is the anonomous deal that really gets me!! If a person is brave enough to comment then be brave enough to 1) do so truthfully and 2) with link back ability.



amanda, since you didn't have the balls to leave a valid email i'll thrill you by responding publicly: first of all, way to go on missing the point and being just as much on an ass as Jayne. Second: sometimes a doll quilt is actually a DOLL QUILT. as in a quilt for a doll. which I knew because I read my recepient's blog and let her know that I was in fact quilting for her adorable children. And the lovely person who got my name made to quilts so my girls wouldn't fight over them. because she knew that I in fact would not be hanging them but rather letting two adorable little girls actuLly (close your eyes amanda this might shock you) USE THEM FOR THEIR DOLLS!
oh and by the way Amanda, you think you're clever with the fake email... doesn't anyone understan IP addresses???


I have been a quilter for years. I've taken a lot of classes, tried out a couple of guilds and I discovered something. Some quilters are mean. They are like the mean girls in 6th grade. Your doll quilt was adorable.


If you didn't blog, I would never have found out about you while you were doing TS and then I could have never fell in love with all your great crafts! Don't let the haters get you down.


I understand IP addresses.

Oh yeah, and mean people suck!


Wow- I don't know what I would do without your blog- I have been reading it for years- since before we went to China. You have no idea how much you (and Mrs. Figby) have helped me.
I am sorry people can be mean. You have balls. I admire people who share their world and views. I only usually post pictures and such because I am so scared of people like Jayne.
You are wonderful and insightful please don't stop ever.


yea i think amanda missed the boat too. i have done all three rounds of the doll quilt swap and love every one i was given. my first attempt was my first attempt at quilting. the rules state that you can be an inexperienced quilter to a pro. just know that what you get may not be the same quality as what you send out. that is a FACT in the world of swapping. there are critics and then there are spiteful mean people that have nothing better to do with their lives that hurt innocent people.nuff said!


MM, Don't let the rather odd, who asked for your opinion, don't say anything if you haven't anything nice to say, off the mark comment by someone (or someones) diminish the delight you take in your blog or your crafts. While I can't claim that we are really friends, I've loved exchanging photos and comments with you....so I'm one of those who wouldn't have had those great moments had you decided to go password protected.


I'm not sure how I found you but I did. Please don't loose another minute of sleep over 'whoever'. The person is obviously lashing out at you probably over something that doesn't even involve you ... you just happen to be close. Now remember this ... my mother loves to say it all the time:

"Not all the nuts are locked up, most of them are walking around."

Hang in there .... keep blogging .... keep stitching.


i don't understand ip addresses but it doesn't amtter as i willnever do a hit and run piece of shit email like that. i may not be the brightest bulb but i am obviously not a nasty piece of shit either!! too many good bloggers leave due to this sort of stuff and i hate that. blog on!


Ah - bitter people who enjoy picking on others. I tend to think that they live the lives they deserve. What else would make a person do something so low.

Just take a deep breath, visualize how miserable this person's life must be and move on, enjoying the wonderful life full of joy and happiness and friends that you have - and that that person will never get to experience.


If someone is willing to make a comment then they should be able to deal with the repercussions. What makes a "quilter" anyway - in my opinion it is someone that can sew a be a little creative, who really cares. This situation really bothers me.


I'm so glad you're not one to let stupid stuff like this drive you away from the internets or go pw protected. I know it gets to be a lot at times but it's the equivalent of taking your ball and going home because of one stupid kid at the playground, you know? We get so much good out of this, and if mean and bitter people are going to be mean and bitter, let them, and don't let it stop you from being who you are.

It stings. I get that it stings. I similarly obsess over mean comments and trolls and wonder what people get out of being nasty and making other people feel bad. It would be nice to be able to hit delete and forget about it, but it's not always that easy. The brave thing to do is just go on anyway.


There are people who would be very snotty to get a peice of work that they don't think is up to their standards. Well, that is THEIR problem...I am learning to sew as I go. I felt bad I gave Johnny Blog's wife a Jammie shirt that I could do much better now, but hopefully, she appreciates the thought.

I don't quilt because, well, I don't see the point in doing it if I can't use it. So many people will just hang a quilt on a wall. Sigh...

Anyway, Jayne can complain about it all she wants. If she got your quilt and didn't like it, then she could use it for the kids or the dogs or GASP for a doll!
:P to her!


I am not that Amanda (thank Gd!)...and I just have to say this.. I am really glad that you are out here writing. I recently went PWP because of some ugliness in my personal life, and it has almost robbed me of my joy in writing and connecting via my blog. I am trying to figure out how to write about it...not fun.

And for the record? I loved your quilt.


Don't go to the underground. I've already lost Figlet. I can't lose you too.


I don't have a blog of my own, but love to come by and read all of yours. Your stories about raising your girls, and running your business, and still finding time to craft is so inspiring to me. As a young woman still trying to figure out how I'll be able to "do it all" I really enjoy reading your stories. Even today, strong female role models are hard to come by, and I'm so glad that I've found this blog world where there are so many!

I'm going to check out the swap and maybe participate myself! I've always held back thinking that my crafts weren't good enough, but you've inspired me!


I'm so sorry you received that mean comment. I would have a hard time letting go of something like that too. I love reading your craft blog! I want to start crafting every time I read it, although I know it wouldn’t turn out as good as yours, and since I’m very good at procrastinating it probably wouldn’t get finished at all! I’m looking forward to seeing photos from the Lemonade Stand Doll Quilt Swap. (Love that name too!)

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