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March 16, 2008



This sounds like Strat-o-Matic heaven! I'll bring the bootleg Springsteen shows and my snowblower.


Thanks for the laugh!
I see you're optimistic, we were thinking we might not see the lawn before end of June or even July...just don't look at next week forecast!

Mrs Figby

Wow, sounds like...uh...fun. Heh.


Hmmm, weight loss? Free room and board? I'm all for the roof clearing. With all the snow, I can't imagine the fall would be THAT far. At what level of snow is it declared an official emergency or disaster area or too-much-snow situation?


Too funny!


you forgot about the ice... we had some icicles fall off or roof yesterday that were at least a foot in diameter - huge and hazardous! I'll come but I would have to bring all 10 puppies with me and I imagine that would only provide more work - lol, thanks for the giggles.


Heigh Ho!! We are there!! Sounds like Disney's winter wonderland moved to Canada!

LOL! I have never seen that much snow except once when I went to Banff to ski and then not for long.


ann (fchen)

hilarious!! :)

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