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March 30, 2008



Yeouch. What a petty, catty comment. Jayne is apparently quite high class and perfect in every way.

Personally, I'd love to receive a quilt that was made with so much affection and good thoughts.

Heading back into lurkerville now, but thinking that my own daughter would LOVE a fish quilt for her dolls.

Mrs Figby

This is exactly the kind of snotty, nasty crap I was talking about the other day. God! Don't let that mean old cow get you down, V. We should all feel sorry for her for being so bitter and self-righteous.


I'm pointing my finger to my ear and making it do a swirly motion and saying, Kaaaa-razzzeeee.

More meds for Jayne!


Whoa. Fooey on her. What a bitch! I thought your quilt was adorable!

I guess only super-duper-uber-quilters are allowed into quilting swaps. Sheesh.


WHAT??!! She is an ass. A rude, mean ass. Who sends someone such nastiness? An ass named Jayne. I'm in the swap too, and I would LOVE to receive one of your wee quilts.


Oh, wow. Not nice. What an unkind note. Seems like bitter Jayne is sort of missing the point of the swap. Jeezum. What a crappy way to start your day -- I'm really sorry. And I love Heather Ross and thought your quilt was adorable.

Katie J

What a cute quilt. Jayne obviously needs help with her eyes along with her manners. Ouch. I think the blogs with more readers get more meanies. (Comments on my blog are always nice.) So, good news is you're popular!

You may send me a quilt anytime!!!


Alrighty then! How bizarre, I guess this is why so many crafts die out, people keep staying within their means ;)

That quilt is sooooo cute!


In the words of my favorites McDoctors: Seriously!? Seriously?
I did a little recon and the explicit rules are "communication" and "play nice". Why does somebody always have to sh1t in the sandbox? Seriously???
I also tried to detect which one she was - no luck. I didn't want to leave a nasty comment, I just wanted to see what non-novice work looked like.
Oh, and just out of curiosity, how does one get better at something - by NOT practicing. Better yet, I love to spend hours working on a craft and then tossing it because no one wants the lame work of a novice.
What a bitch. Seriously.


That is such a shame. I thought your quilt was lovely. If we wanted perfect when it was handmade, we go to WalM***. One of these days I should start a swap. How about the "Not Perfect but Real and Heartfelt"? Pink


I think the quilt is lovely. I would have no idea how to do it, and so you are much much much more of a quilter than I'll ever be. I would love to have one of your quilts. Buzz off Fake Jayne.


What the? Can you request your quilt back from that poor sport? I think it's adorable and should not be wasted on her.


Disregard my previous comment, I now see that Jayne was NOT the recipient of the adorable quilt. Her loss!


wow! seriously!!! wow
what a BITCH. i am in that swap and i do not want to be giving a quilt to her. i dont think she should be in a swap. i wish you would reconsider doing the dqs3. i have done the first two and was one of the swap mamas in round 2 and i didnt come across anyone like this. she is a horrible person


Wow I can't believe someone would be so awful. I thought the whole craft blogging scene was about sharing and encouraging. I am a self taught quilter and really enjoy the whole creative process and fun you can have with these little quilts. I'm ok enough to have recently been offered a job in one of Melbourne's best quilting shops and I can assure you I'm no expert. And I know that it's really important for inexperienced customers to be able to talk to me and not feel intimidated or unwelcome. I participated in the last swap and your fishy quilt was one of my absolute faves because it wasn't traditional and boring! Now I'm off to investigate who that was!


OMG, I think i have 'jayne' in the swap, & i am NOT an expert quilter at all!!!!

I read her comments on her blog & felt a bit ill as I actually thought that she may have been talking about me when she spoke about her swap partner....

I signed up for this thinking it would be great fun & now.... well it doesn't feel like fun at all!

Better get practicing my quilting skills!


uh oh lucky I'm not in that swap because my quiltings not perfect....but I thought the thing about swaps was that everyone was welcome..beginner to advanced...hope you got over it because she sounds like a l-o-s-e-r with too much time on her hands...


Lisa K.

Ugh, I hate that this person was so ugly to you. Usually I find that when a person acts like such an as$, there are some severe insecurities at play, so please, please don't let her rent another second of time in your life.

As the originator of the doll quilt swap, I was so gratified that the ladies involved in the first 2 rounds were so encouraging, helpful, and friendly to each other. This is the first I've heard of any negativity amongst the participants, and I'm sorry that the swap was in any way related to that unhappy incident. I thought your quilt was charming and joyous and a great addition to the swap. You tried something new, which is wonderful, and I loved the result.

I've been out of the loop for many months, so I'm sorry this is such a late response. I'm glad to see the way you've dealt with this. Lemonade, indeed! I love the quilts that your swap has produced so far. Kudos, Mortimer's Mom. Keep on crafting.


There are quilters out there that do not want to help someone to learn to make a block....hello, learn yourself. Get a life, learn to quilt before asking someone to help you, oh poor me....leave quilters alone until you learn....learn.....learn....what a pathetic person you are.

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