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March 23, 2008



A very happy to Dumpling, who looks very princess-y, and whose mom made an *awesome* princess cake!


That cake is fabulous. That is definitely one thing that is not one of my strong points! The hamantaschen look good too!


I was referring to cake decorating ;)


I know that Build a Bear is beyond expensive but they donated a TRUCKLOAD of bears to the non-profit agency that I used to work for. Our kids are removed from their homes by Protective Services and sometimes they don't have time to grab their cuddly so when they come to the agency we give them a bear and it makes the whole experience a smidge less scary for them. That is why I have no problem supporting my 5 year old cousins habit every holiday:-)


Happy fifth birthday, Dumpling! Can you believe we have 5-year-olds? How on earth did this happen? That picture from the day you met her in the earlier post -- I remember like it was yesterday panting for updates from you from China, and thrilling to those first glimpses of her. Wow.


Happy Birthday Dumpling!!! Looks like a great party. I know my 3 year old would have loved it - she's been going around asking everyone to please call her Queen Esther rather than by her given name...and she does rule the house so I guess it's appropriate!lol



Happy Belated. Party looks like fun. Have you guys dug out of the snow yet?


I can not believe that gorgeous cake!
We went to Build-a-Bear for the first time in December and I found it impossible to resist.


Happy Birthday, Dumpling!

I really like your black dress in the first picture.


what a gorgeous cake! Please please post some recipes?

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