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March 18, 2008



This gives the partial answer:


Sorry I can't do the math right now, I have to run. If you haven't got it worked out by tonight, I'll do the math. So, the comment is also a placeholder (for me).


Why can't you reduce (via copier) the size of the pattern to the size of your current circle? This way, no math.

Perhaps I'm making this too easy?

Mrs Figby

All *I* remember from geometry is the Pythagorean Theorem, which is for non-equilateral triangles. So can't help you. I tried Brainiac, but he doesn't know either. I'll bet Zen knows, because Zen is Gifted (say that in a snotty, braggy, suburban mom voice) in math. If you don't have an answer by the time he gets home, I'll ask him.

Hey, I bet omegamom or spacemom could help. They're math-y types. Or Harry D'Eyeball. Except he's frantically busy right now trying to bring our mail server (in Seattle) back up, so I'm guessing you won't hear from him anytime soon. Especially if you email him. (Har!)


Check your email.


Ok: Law of cosines= c*squared = a*squared plus b*squared - 2abCOS(C)

so, Equilateral Triangle Side = 2.5*squared + 2.5*squared - 2(2.5)(2.5)Cosine(120degrees)

With no calculator, that's the best I can do... hope it helps!



Totally delurking to throw something out there. Isn't is all about ratios? If the pattern has is for a 5 inch circle and the side of the triangle is x inches, wouldn't it work that for a 5 cm circle, that the side of the triangle is the same number but just substitute centimeters for inches? This is going to bug me all day. It's been a long time since high school geometry.


well, now i know i am stupid...


NOW who's having a popular day? ;)


Yeah I would be totally clueless too. Cute balls though if you really were able to get them done. Looks almost like the Guangxi Love Balls!


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