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March 03, 2008



Hey, glass half-full:

1) if bad employees quit, are there unemployment payments needed (I don't know how Canada works)
2) who's posted TWICE today? Hunh? Hunh?
3) errrr, don't know. Wanna eat a big cow sometime in the future?


Oh sorry your having one of "those" days, "Super sucky" I believe is the technical term. I must have been having pre "super sucky" sympathy pains as I spent the weekend napping and crying, over everything and nothing, isn't it always over everything and nothing?

Never mind, it'll all come out in the wash.

p.s I did find out about skating classes for The Loopster but they only do them on Sunday afternoons and I hate to sign up for weekend stuff, or Tuesdays at 6pm but she goes to bed at 6.30 so neither option appeals very much.

Sister Carrie

Well, heck. That's no good. Didn't our grandmothers prescribe whiskey for illness? It may not cure it, but you won't care.


Oh no, you've got The Illness(TM)! The one that is rampaging across the blogosphere! Take care of yourself.

Yah, peeps disappearing. Bummer.

joann in NJ

Hey MM!
I'm going through the same Peeps withdrawal! Thank goodness Johnny has a new puppy to keep us all amused (hehehe...I'm a cat person!)

I'll be your Peep, if you'll be mine! :)

Sorry you're not feeling well...make sure you get to the Dr. ASAP, you've got too many people in the house and if you're down..well, it won't be good :( My Mom use to swear by Scotch tea.... (aka tea with liberal amounts of scotch...well, she is Irish)

And finally, I have a BIG attack of the green monster! BRUCE! and Toddler Bed! in the same weekend...life's so unfair...Kelsey won't sleep unless she is surgically attached to my side in my bed.

Hope you rebound soon...and don't worry about the loser employees...good riddance!


Never, never too early for wine. It's always noon somewhere. As far as the bed, throw the mattress on the floor and tell BB that's how everyone sleeps in their big girl beds for the first time. You have to break in the mattress before you can put the mattress into the bed.


Bleah, that is a bad day. My sore throat remedy is the following: juice of one lemon, 1/4 tsp vitamin C powder (health food store), a heaping spoon of honey and hot water in a mug. I'm convinced it helps me get better faster but at the very least it is quite soothing. Something about the acid and the honey really quiets down a scratchy sore throat.

We saw Bruce the last time he was in Montreal (and again at Fenway and Foxborough that same year - the husband is a huge fan). He discovered that there is an E Street channel on Sirius in his new car. Apparently yesterday they were playing rare recordings of old concerts - talk about excited.


yeah, i am experiencing the peeps withdrawal also...how dare they do this!!!! and remember, as long as you don't need to drive anywhere if you are sickish and having a bad day, it is never too early for wine (or whatever you need to help you thru a sucky day).


Yes, v. bogus about the peeps withdrawal.

It is too bad you can't just go to bed and skip the day and then get up and have tomorrow be better and have the bed magically assembled by elves while you sleep and they leave you a gift of wine for the following evening. Hmmm... apparently my fantasies run toward the bizarre.


I also have the peeps withdrawal and I figured it was my fault (yes, all about me, I know.) Now I can blame you! :)
Hang in there!


I know how you feel about the sudden disappearing from the blogosphere. Don't they know they are here for my entertainment, LOL.



Sorry about the sucky day, hope things get better quickly! Also missing a couple of my fave blogs - like it's not enough that with this recent move I barely have phone service, still don't have cable and have very spotty internet, that when I sign on, my faves aren't posting...talk about putting pressure on them eh?lol Thankfully you're still here to entertain me. :-)


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