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March 26, 2008


That Girl

What a fun blog! I found you at Topmommas.
I can relate to your crafting style. I go months - even a year at a time in a craft drought, then something just comes over me and it's all I can think about. Sleep even alludes me when I'm in the throes if a crafting binge.
Love your little dresses. Party on.


those dresses - so cute. Love the Japanese craft books, but haven't purchased one yet. Are there english instructions or is it mostly pictures?
PS - in the elmo diaper picture...are those cork floors? Do you mind if I ask how they fare with the dogs? We're thinking of redoing our kitchen floors in cork.


You're really good!!! I think you underestimate yourself - I think you CAN make tiny giraffe ice skates - and a giraffe ice rink to go with it. You could even make a giraffe skating costume. And a giraffe judges table complete with giraffe judges. Then they can hold up little giraffe signs judging the giraffe skaters. Hey, I wanna come play.
(Ok, I think my imagination has run a bit wild).


Adorable. You are so talented.


trisha freitag

Oh wow...I love those dresses. Where did you get the patterns? They look adorable!

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