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April 29, 2008



That is horrible, about the house and your girls.


I'm so sorry about the mess the contractors left you with...hope it's cleared up quickly. Most of all, hope the girls are okay. Hugs to all.



Oh geez... I'm sorry to hear things did not go well at Dr. J. They are in good hands though. And for the contractors, you kick ass! You can't look at crooked wallpaper... it'll drive you nuts.

Sister Carrie

Oh, dear. Yuckiness all around. I hope everything turns out okay with the blood tests! And I recognize your dilemma with the wallpaper -- have the same people who screwed it up the first time give it another go, or cut your losses and start over? Ugh.


I'm so sorry to hear that you are going through contractor hell. And medical worries are doubly bad when they are for your kids. Hang in there.

Bobbi Jo

Yuck-o. So sorry you're dealing with crappy wallpaper, but even worse, worrying about your girls. I hope you have some info soon so you don't have to worry for days. Oh, makes my stomach flip-flop to think of blood diseases and screaming kids while trying to draw blood. Hope you're taking care of yourself, too. Good ideas with the Grey's, chocolate and friends. Thinking of you..


I am stressed for you!! So sorry you are going through all of this!!


I really hope that the doctors are overreacting about both girls. I'd hate to think there was anything wrong with either of them, but certainly would hate to think that BB's belly (and bum and thighs) was anything more than bundles of love. Maybe she had a really short, stout C.M.???

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