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April 28, 2008



Next time we'll have to squeeze in some shopping time. Glad you got some good finds while you were here. I'm going to go check out Anthropologie.


I just recently made the same decision of embracing dresses. After the hysterectomy I don't like to have anything against my stomach. Yay! for dresses! I like your choices. I've found that an empire waist seems to be flattering.

Bobbi Jo

I need to follow in your footsteps and spruce up the wardrobe. So are you wearing pants with that short dress, did I read that right? Sounds cute and appropriate for a tall girl like me. I'm such a fashion disaster I need all the help I can get. Lots of cute ideas!

Mrs Figby

Oh, such cuteness!!!! Now I'm dying to go shopping. And I can't. Waaaahhhh!


All very nice - you did good!!! What about the new stuff in the house, any pics yet?? I want to see the wallpaper!



Love it ALL!!!

I would love to see the dresses on you. I avoid those dresses but always think they look soo cute on others, maybe it is time to try.

Also the target dresses. I can find those...but with the 2, 2 year olds I never wear skirts or dresses.

Oh yeah, what about the trim!!!


Cute cute

Katie J

Cute stuff! Welcome home!


Oh major lust for KS purse. I have lusted after that one since I saw it in the outlet store. Alas even at the discount, it was still waaaay out of my league. Oh the designer goodness. You lucky lucky girl you! Pink

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