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April 13, 2008



Next year I'm suggesting you take the passover cruise!!


Well, it's supposed to be Next Year In Jerusalem, right?

Miami ribs sounds GREAT. Post the recipe sometime, will you? I need something else besides brisket for my seders.

Happy passover.


tee hee... yes not a good plan! As I was reading your post in bloglines and in my head I though I clicked on someone elses blog and I was thinking to myself, gee I didn't she was Jeweish, I didn't that shopping in southern California could be so tough... I thought it was still her blog until I clicked through to comment and discovered that I am still sleeping - it makes so much more sense NOW. I think maybe I should be back to bed. Happy Passover and have a good trip.


oh we too did the grocery store with both kids yesterday. where they were promptly almost run over by the cart-pushing-guys. hubs has never been to that store before and he was amazed. i was drained. how do you make miami ribs? would love the recipe!


Gotta love the Schmall. You'll need to make a short documentary of that place with your camcorder one day to capture the excitement. I miss the kosher Pirate Shop.


What are Miami ribs? I've never heard of them.

Happy Passover and enjoy your trip.


Sounds like something I would do too!

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