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April 04, 2008



Glad you made it safely. Great pic of the wet ones!! Stay out of trouble down here!!



4:40am? I was sleeping like any sane person would be... :)


I love it when bloggers spend time together. It is like when someone from Facts of Life guest starred on Different Strokes.

Mortimer's Dad

The dogs and I are going through a terrible case of walking withdrawl. By 4:40 we were all jonesing to get out (in the snow) and walk but the precious children were sleeping. They refused to go to the backyard.The dogs, that is, not the kids. The only worse thing than walking the dogs at 4:40 am is getting up to walk the dogs at 4:40 am and staying inside.

ann (fchen)

oh how FUN that you met up with Julia!! it's neat when worlds collide, yes?

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