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April 18, 2008


Mrs Figby

All the trim in our old house was painted before we got here. Badly, mind you, but that means we can re-paint at some point totally guilt free. Which I didn't even realize was an issue until I read this post.


Feel free pack up any leftovers into a TSA-safe doggie back and bring them down with you. My best passover recipe is matzo pizza. Or grilled chicken with veggies.
Oh, and it looks like perfectly warm, sunny, humid, non-rainy weather all next week!!!!! Hope you packed your bathing suits. But you're sunblock here - you can get it everywhere!!!!! I've got a wide selection all the way from spf 8 to 75, lotions, sprays, oils, powders (yes, they make powder sunscreen), sunless. It's an amazing thing that I always manage to get a hand-print shaped sunburn somewhere on my body.
Hope to see you next week!!!!


Go guilt free on the paint issue. I have been painting my entry room for the past couple of days and maybe just high on the fumes, but your house should be the way you want it - not the way someone else (who doesn't have to live in it) thinks is the 'best' or will give you the highest resale value. If the next owners wants unpainted trim and stairs...well, they can hire someone to make it so.

Enjoy your trip and I hope the paint job is everything you want it to be. :)

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