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April 01, 2008



Alisa and Shelba - my jealousy knows no bounds! You lucky Kanuck you!


first, as the queen of skin cancer, make sure to pack sun screen (30+). for 4 days i would do a light weight pair of pants, a pair of capri's or shorts and the rest would be shirts/tops (well indies of course) and since i am not into shoes at all maybe one other pair of shoes. wear a light weight jacket and remember all the liquid stuff you can't bring.... flying is so much fun these days...


Wish I was going away with the girls :( You'll have a blast!

Bobbi Jo

We'll match...Kanuck girl and MN girl...with winter leg syndrome. Shelba will be so pleased she invited us to her sunny state. About the capris...I'm bringing a pair too, because, well first of all, I'm NOT very fashionable as a rule, and second, it's going to be hot enough for shorts, but no one wants to see these pasty legs for sure. ewww. So capris will have to do one of the days. Happy packing! See you soon.


1. I own 4+ pairs of capris. Have they gone out of style? Maybe I hadn't noticed... oops
2. I live ON the water and I'm pale, pastey white. It was alarming to my coworkers when I arrived at the end of last summer. Last summer I also discovered the new kids sunscreen that goes on dry and doesn't make you greasy. I think it's banana boat (?) and made especially for the beach. I used it all summer so I didn't get all sandy(after applying spf 45 at home).
3. Way to go with the wax/pedicure. Whatever is cozy on your feet - you should be fine with crocs or flips. (If you don't have Reef sandals, they are great and they last for a long time).
HAVE FUN and find lots of good buys.


Am still jealous...but happy for you! Love that after all the ugliness of earlier this week you are contemplating fun stuff like packing.


You will feel the heat in the plane before you are half way there too so you have to dress almost as if you have landed in TX. Whatever you pack just roll it up don't fold. Rolling takes less space and helps prevent major wrinkles or so I was told once by an ex-airline stewardess and yes she is old enough to have been a stewardess!!


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