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April 11, 2008


Mrs Figby

See I've always found pageants so excruciatingly boring. But with your commentary? Now I wish I'd watched it.

Also I heard a remake of "Umbrella" at B@rnes & N0ble tonight. It was a little musak-y. Which definitely means it's played out.


Note to self - do not drink liquid when reading Mortimer's Mom blog. Now I have to wipe chocolate milk off the monitor! I'm patiently waiting for Numb3rs to come on too....never occured to me to watch the pagent, though. Now I wish I had! :)

Katie J

Ok, we all watch crap from time to time, but you're brave enough to post about it. Impressive. Ok, now I'm off to Go*gle the pageant so I can know who one. Crap fascination is contagious.


I DVRed it in case anything good happened, I could go back and review. Now I can't wait to see the be-dazzled doily, the cross with the sports bra with the white crushed velvet nightgown, and all the hot tranny messes! Ugh, I'll check back in afterward!!


If I had known it was on, I would have watched it too. My friends and I have a Miss America party each year. We have ballots and we vote on who will make each cut. Prizes are involved. You are not alone!


Bursh with semi-fame. Miss Massachusetts is from my hometown. She talked about her prep on line and even joked about her hair extensions (her hairdresser kind of flipped out when she did that). She made the top 10, so I think she got the exposure she's seeking, being in broadcasting and all.

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