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April 08, 2008


Stacey T

Wow, that is just disturbing......


Yeah, I thought it was pretty disturbing, too. Some buds think it's the standard "journalist sees one or two swallows flying north for the winter, and makes a trend of it". I dunno; the thing that got me was the pediatrician saying she has to ask about the 10-12 year-olds who come in to her office, when she starts making puberty checks...This pediatrician is well-known in that area, so I'm guessing it's actually happening.


Frightening-but then, I've never even shaved (not that you could tell-no hair)and only have a vague idea of what waxing means. ~lmc




Bikini waxes on a 10-year-old??? Ick.

I have seen the mother/daughter mini-manis at my local nail salon. They are kinda cute. Especially when it's Mom and couple of little girls getting giggling and getting their toenails painted bright purple or orange. Nine-year-olds who want bright orange toenail polish I can deal with.


Holy crap! I remember my "ugly years." Yes I was awkward and maybe a little hairy, but I needed to know who I was in the world before I started to modify my body. What a scary story. I can see taking your daughter for a special hair-do for graduation or the prom, but a waxing is ridiculous. I waxed my "undercarriage" for the first time when I was a college freshman.


That article screamed, "this is so wrong" in so many different ways. The acne treatment I get. The occassional mani or pedi treat- I also get.

The rest of it- not so much.


Oh yikes. And I thought the prepubescent kids at the cheap nail place I go to are bad. Why would you wax something that, er, wasn't there?

As far as hair removal goes, I guess I am not one to talk. I am about 3/4 of the way through the laser hair removal process - Brazilian - down there. Wow. I can't believe I just put that out on the internet.

JoAnn in NJ

That article makes me sad. It didn't surprise me until I got to the waxing of a 10 year old girl. Do 10 year olds even have hair?

As for me, my Mom taught me very little about grooming/hygene...I didn't get an eyebrow wax until my 20's but I was an immediate convert. (Not sure if it was the era (the 70's or just My Mom..perhaps both)

As for the "down south" not until my 2nd honeymoon 11 years ago did I get a full leg wax...and will never do it again...I can still remember the pain!

Kelsey will have to be old enought to earn the money herself to get the spa treatments. But I am looking forward to us getting some mani's together when she's a little older and can sit long enough to get a mani and for the polish to dry.

I do however, completely agree with the facilist when there is acne involved...I had a terrible time of that in my teens (12-18!) and would take extreme measures to ensure my girl didn't suffer as I did. That's one thing I am particularly grateful for that she can't get that genetically from me!


Oy! That is so wrong! I think my first leg wax was in my eary 30s. I still get one done every spring for the last five years but other than that it is me and the daisy shaver. As for bikini waxes -- honey don't go there. I cannot believe 10 years old are getting them done -- shudder, shudder, shudder. Pink

PS Go Habs go!!

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