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May 13, 2008


Becca in MI

Let me introduce you. Tracyjoy.com. I have her Kristine Bag and LOVE it. Depending on how many accesories for your camera you have, this may be the ideal solution. They certainly aren't high fashion, but are super cute! I dont find them expensive in the least AND you can change out your flap. Tell her I sent you, if you decide to go with one:) Hope that helps!

Paris! Im soooo envious!


Fashion is just so stressful! This is why I'm glad I live in hippieville, I tend to look pretty fashionable in my Old Navy attire. Try to enjoy the fundraiser.


Make sure that your bag can cross your body. Especially if you're going to heavily touristy areas. Pickpockets are always out in force, unfortunately, as I've seen firsthand. Do you have a Plan De Paris? That will serve you so well. My aunt lives in the suburbs of Paris, and I've been going there since I was 2 years old, and I still need a plan de paris, it has saved my butt a million times when I was slightly lost. I must say I'm very jealous that you get to go for a long weekend. I'm stuck in Southern California until December when I'll finally get to head to Paris again. Enjoy the trip, and bad comes to worse, you can find cute bags in Gare de L'est, normally for very good prices.



check out the small messenger, I have one and most of my friends here do as well. They are made of heavy vinyl which sounds not soo nice but they are soo sturdy, waterproof and durable. And they come in super cute colors, lots of pink and orange!

Enjoy your trip!


OK, I know bupkis about fashion, so you might want to stop reading now.

However, out here in the hinterlands, there are a million women carrying their adorable Queen Bee bags. You would love them, I am pretty sure.


they are cute and stylish, have shoulder straps (made from car seat belt material, which looks pretty cool). They would be perfect in a funky kind of way. If not for Paris, maybe you'd like them in the shop, because they are adorable.


Crumpler (http://www.crumpler.ca). The best camera bags. Ever.

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