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May 28, 2008


Stacey T

That is so awesome. It takes a big leap of faith to put yourself out there and into a group like that, because what if you had gone the first time and hated it? How would you explain not going back!! Does your group have a name like Stitch and Bitch? Or Knit with Wit? HAHA


Ohh, that sounds like fun. I need to find me a fun knitting group. I love to sit, knit and talk. Good times. I'm glad you found this little group.


I am jealous. I wish I could meet more female adult friends.


I also have a difficult time making friends. I don't think I'm hard to get along with or get to know, just that the people I choose to be friends with—I want to have a genuine connection with. Sometimes thats not as easy to find.


My friends history is very similar. And my really good RL friends live on mainland Europe. Your knitting group sounds fun. I've lived in this town for six years and I've still to find an equivalent. You're inspiring me to try harder.

Katie J

I have a knitting group and that is probably the thing I miss most over here in Belgium. In fact I just e-mailed my knitting buddies (we have a google group) to let them know if they just moved here, I could easily live here for a much longer period of time. These women are amazing and I think everyone should have such friends. I make friends fairly easily, but people who I feel close to are few and far between. Glad you found some buds, 'cause your a fun chick!


I'm jealous, too. I've moved so much in my life that my closest friends aren't that close anymore. Distance and time have taken their toll. I've lived in northern Indiana for nine years now, and though I have friends, there isn't anyone that I'd consider a true best friend.

I miss having close girl friends, but seem to have lost the ability to "find" them.

It sounds like you've found a great group. Enjoy them!


That sounds like fun. It's hard to nurture friendships when everyone's lives get in the way, so it's nice you found a little group that is committed to meeting weekly.

Jessie Mae

Oh! I completely get this! I've had such a hard time making friends, especially since I moved from Chicago to Los Angeles. My knitting group, which I was so scared to go to the first time, has ended up being my most consistent and supportive social outlet. It's one of the main things that makes living in L.A. a livable situation for me.


glad you found your group. always good to have friends. show the sweater on the blog. might inspire others.


my first time reading the blog and i practically have a starring role! (yes i'm in the knitting group)


Oh, how truly wonderful. There's nothing better than a friendship among women. It's like a long cool drink for a weary soul. I think that's a Proverb but it's referring to good news although one could argue that true friendship is like good news.


Jealous, jealous, jealous - that's me. My only companion in knitting is my i-pod. Enjoy!!

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