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May 01, 2008



You know what? It's okay to cry over wallpaer. You will get over it. Personally, I would look for something new and really really bitch at the guys who installed it. I would not trust something not in the same batch


do they have stores that stocked it? besides target? maybe the warehouse guys have a list and you could call around? (i know you have sooo much time to do that) Good luck.

And I would have cried as well...


I'm so sorry that your perfect wallpaper was hung (literally) by one-armed-paper-hangers. That just sucks! I don't have a solution, just here to tell you that it sucks.


I know just how you feel... I have wallpaper backordered from England as we speak. I know, like you that this isn't the end of the world, but it's damn annoying and disappointing and you can cry if you want to! That being said, I've often found in the past that when I've been forced to go in a different direction, design wise, because something becomes unavailable, the vast majority of the time, I end up being thankful that the original plan didn't work out. BTW, the wallpaper I've used in the house (and some fabrics) is from romofabrics.com. You might want to check them out if you need a replacement paper, they have some cool stuff. Anyhow, hope it all works out...can't believe how stupid those workers were in wasting your paper! :-(



I would cry too. You have every reason to cry over this!! Every reason. I hope it works out. My fingers are crossed!


Well, that bites! I'd be disappointed too. BTW, I had no idea Target sold wallpaper. I would probably take the few rolls they have and hope for the best.


We all need to let off steam occassionally - that's what blogging is about!
Can I help from Wales in any way?


Your best bet to get what you wanted is to take the rolls they have and hope for a match. By he by, a good wallpaper hanger can make it look like it matches even if there is a slight difference in color. It all depends upon which walls they use which rolls on. Best Wishes

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