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May 21, 2008



If you add vodka to the cranberry juice it'll make you 1) still get the affects of the juice while 2) not caring how crappy you feel. Really, a win/win.
Hope you feel better soon and that you get cable in the potty.

Sister Carrie

Ouch! A kidney infection can really make you feel awful. Can you drink cran-raspberry or cran-apple juice? I think blueberry juice is supposed to be good too. Next time remember to pack a water bottle in your pretty new purse!


Ouch! But antibiotics are Good Things and will make you feel better very quickly.


Aw, poor you. I've had way more experience with UTI's than I'd like. :-( I've found that cranberry capsules (available in the states at every health food store and most large supermarkets) are more effective than cranberry juice. The problem with cranberry juice is that in order to make it drinkable they fill it with sugar and/or high fructose corn syrup, which is the last thing you need when you're sick.


Hope you feel better quickly!!


Bobbi Jo

yuck-o! I hate kidney infections. Hopefully the antibiotics will kick in soon and the pain will be gone in 24 hours after you started. I wonder if pomegranate juice would be as effective as cranberry? It is tastier that's for sure!! xoxo


yuck...feel better


That. Sucks. Hope you are better tres soon.


Hope you feel better soon.

Katie J

Ok, at least you know what it is and that it will in fact clear up at some point. But going to the bathroom every 13 minutes? Yeah, you need to be close to a potty.

By the way, we just came back from Paris and I'm already making plans for our next trip. Have you been before? It's truly amazing. Try and remember that life will get better as you're peeing for the 1,385th time. Paris is coming, Paris is coming, Paris is coming.


I'm on the cranberry capsule bandwagon, too. I can't drink the sugar that they put in the juice because of my bypass, so I load up on the pills instead.

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