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May 05, 2008



That is incredible. Way to use the internet!


As I was reading this I got all "why didn't she call me, why didn't she call me" and then I remembered I don't live in the UK anymore! Funny how these things can slip your mind when your immersed in solving The Great Wall Paper Crisis of 2008.

I don't even want to think about how much that stuff is going to cost to ship but on the plus side because its going to an address outside of the UK you shouldn't be charged the VAT (which is something crazy like 17%) however, you might get smacked with import duty. Maybe Tom/Jim could put "gift" or "samples" in the description box of the customs form.

p.s If you need a courier to go pick it up for you from Jo's house I'm your man, gal, internet buddy, wallpaper courier!

Bobbi Jo

That's got to be some GREAT wallpaper! But truly, I would have done the same. How did J handle it? Tom would have been going crazy with the craziness! He often just steps out of the way and leaves me to my own devices. So is it in the mail?


I am so glad you were able to save your walls. Good news!!


Oh. 'Kay then. I was quite looking forward to some decorating adventure that goes beyond my bathrom walls that are screaming at me to be painted this week. If you ever need some Farrow & Ball or something, just shout!

And what WAS it that Jim used to say ALL the time? I can't bear Coronation Street (I'm an Eastenders girl)but Jim was hilarious. OH! "So it is." Or "So y'are". Every sentence ended the same.


1. I'm so damn happy that we've met because I can actually HEAR you telling this story.
2. There's proof that blog friend really are "real" friends. Even thought you might not actually "see" them, they are not imaginary as some people might think.
3. I think that's the funniest damn story I've ever heard!!!


Please, please never use your powers for evil! LOL


Jeez, woman, WAY TO GO with the Internets. Not sure I would have the persistence skillz!


You are one amazingly resourceful woman.

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