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June 11, 2008



Oh no my friend, I'm living vicariously I assure you. I cannot wait for pictures.

And I must know. How do French women *really* dress? And are they really more sexy and thin then their USA counterparts?

Stacey T

Don't worry, we are all sitting back here waiting for updates from both of you....drooling on ourselves with jealousy!


I need a nap just reading about your day!!lol Enjoy, can't wait to read more.



Oui Oui a bit jealous but not hating your "bichy" guts (all said in a snotty French accent);}


sorry forgot the "t"

Bobbi Jo

Yep, living vicariously...and hating your guts a bit too if I'm being honest :0) Love the Picasso museum, definitely an inspiring place, no? What did you think of the movie? Sounds like a splendid day, can't wait to see some pics.


Sure sounds like you are both having a grand time!


Living vicariously through you? You bet!!! At Versailles, have a croque-monsieur at La Flotille, by the canal, and on the terrasse if the weather is nice: it's absolutely lovely! And don't miss the Domaine de Marie-Antoinette: it's one of my favorite parts of Versailles.


lunch one block from La Bastille in one of the most reknown and oldest Brasseries in Paris

you ate in a bra.....sorry, had to say it...i amlow class as you can tell


It sounds wonderful...

Katie J

I've been reading your blog and Paris sounds a bit different without a 3 year-old in tow. I'd love to go with Hubby or with a girlfriend. Was this the guy you saw: http://www.anomalies-unlimited.com/Catman.html ?


The food, the sites, the shopping, OH MY! I thought I was jealous of the crunchy buttery breakfast, then the cheese & scalloped potatoes - I'm ready for lunch... in PARIS!!!
Hope you're having fun in Versaille.

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