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June 02, 2008



Come on... give it up!!!
PS: Love your quilt! I don't suppose you had me as your swap partner, huh?


Gah! That's soooooo mean! ;-) And that's a seriously cute quilt, and very much "you".


OK, you are going to be on television. It has to be that!


You've finally decided that you absolutely cannot survive one more Canada winter and you're moving to Miami???? :) (But of course you're keeping the cottage because where would we vacation... yes, I said "we")

AmericanFamily (amber)

I hope it is a good secret, not a bad secret!


Ack! Spill it! Now I will be stewing over what could be going on...

Am thinking that you bought more real estate, or opening another store.

Mrs Figby

Oooh, I know! You're going to Paris in less than a week!

Oh. Wait.

(Heh heh.)


YOU BOUGHT A HOUSE--delurking here with a guess


I love the quilt!

Okay- you're doing this to tourture us!!!!!

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