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June 22, 2008


Katie J

Wish I had a good stress reliever for you. Knitting with the girls does it for me most times, but sometimes life is so stressful that there's nothing to ease it. Sending good vibes your way.


OOOHHHH! I am a Roomba girl! I got one for Christmas and totally love it! My only beef is that the battery doesn't last long enough to do the whole first floor of my house.....so I bought a used one on Kijiji and can now run them in tandem! I feel just like Jane Jetson. We named them Rosie and R-2. Hope the staining therapy works.

JoAnn in NJ

Hey MM!
We bought Roomba 2 weeks ago, I think it does a better job at maintenance not first cleaning. Kelsey calls it Princess and my DH calls it R-2 or Robot.

I also do home improvement projects when I'm stressed out.
Have a great week!


Oooh, a Roomba! I want one so badly...two cats and a dog and laminate floors equals a pain in the butt...


I loves me some power toools as well - yesterday after a long day I wanted to come home and build a dog house - so I could play with the saw!
And I hear you on the food issues - we started a garden for many of those reasons and now really enjoy all the fresh food
And ( I had a few posts to catch up on) I also totally understand the not wanting to share it on the blog - hope everyting is ok.


Hope things settle down for you!!

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