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July 07, 2008



ROFL!!! You must share more of these stories. I have to say though, I really can't believe that any customer of any store would outright call someone stupid... now how dumb must she feel...assuming she ever noticed she wasn't in the pet shop!lol



Too funny! Next time, give her an appointment and let your girls take care of the "grooming". Just make sure you take pictures of her expression when she comes back to meet Fifi in a pink dress with sparkles in her hair... ;o)


It would have been hysterical if you had let her call the manager, so she could watch you pick up the phone and answer her questions again!

cat, galloping

That's awesome. I am so impressed that you thought of your fab response on the spot instead of ten minutes later, like I would have!


Hysterical! Stupid people can just be so damn stupid! Yes, stupid. Super D should have played along and told them that the store was from Germany not Sweden.

Katie J

Stories of retail customers are really the best, aren't they? I don't have much to say except thanks for the smile.


The customer is always right! Haha. Perhaps you should have scheduled Fifi for some grooming then let Dumpling or BB give her cute wash and cut.


I knew it! All this time I've been thinking, 'this MM, she just doesn't quite ring true, I wonder if she isn't really a fugitive Swedish groomer of small and yappy dogs'. Secret identity unveiled!!!


This is hysterical. thanks for the laugh!


I used to work retail, at a fancy pants kitchen store where people were also somewhat inclined to tell me (as I worked my way through med school) that I was stupid. Only, never quite so brazenly.

that woman is a real winner, though I am not sure what prize she deserves. Perhaps a flaming bag of dog poop and dog hair?

I love how you handled it. How did you make yourself pull the plug when you did, instead of letting her dial, then watch you answer the phone? I can only imagine that I wouldn't have had the self-control for that. I would have been way more immature. Way way more.

This is why I am a doctor and not a successful shop owner. From Sweden. Who grooms dogs on the sly... so sly even you yourself do not know that you do it. Perhaps it is a secret identity? Do you ever wake up really tired and covered with dog hair? There you are, sleep grooming in the back of the store!

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