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July 20, 2008



oh jesus (or whoever you want) please don't you go too. i am telling you i can not take one more blogger that i read leaving. i still check to see if Chez Miscarriage has come back (she hasn't). i just found the naked ovary person again after missing her for a few years (or how ever long). i can not take another rejection!!!!


I totally hear you about the departure of Dear Mrs. F. I feel so lonely.... You had BETTER not leave. Please!

Enjoy your time at the kibbutz and so glad you were able to get some hooking in *snicker*. How about some kibbutz photos?

Bobbi Jo

phew. I thought you were serious about being a hooker and I was hoping things weren't really that bad!! Can't wait to read about the amigurumi...off to check it out. xoxo

Mrs Figby

I am very interested in this crochet dealio you've discovered. We'll have to get together again soon (I think it's your turn to come down here, non?) so you can teach me. Because the little creatures are seriously SO cute.

P.S. My condolences on the cleaning.


My perfect weekend is waking up after a lovely long restorative sleep, going to breakfast at our favorite diner, taking a trip to the greenhouse to peruse the next fabulous plant for our gardens, and generally just being together. I have officially deemed it unacceptable for you to leave at the same time as Figby. It's just not fair. You are the first one I read every morning while I'm eating my oatmeal! I got hooked on crochet about a year ago and my husband is praying that I lose all of my yarn! Glad the weekend was nice!


I hope you keep this up! I makes me sad that Mrs. Figby left us. Don't go too.


I have very fond memories of crocheting with my grandmother in Italy my entire summers as a young child which made for many, many doilies! I just ran across an instruction sheet to make beach bags out of plastic grocery bags, which my GM made tons of for her groceries. I never did quite understand the concept... cutting up groceries bags to crochet another grocery bag! I would love to make this but I have no clue what the instructions are saying. Perhaps you can explain it to me the next time we see each other :)


Stairs? Hands and knees? Sponge? I've done that once, but it was after heartbreak, and it was more taking out frustration on the kitchen floor than actual cleaning. My roommates thought that pissing me off was a great plan in an effort to keep the kitchen sparkling clean.
Good thing I didn't crochet; I might have hooked someone to death. ;)

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