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July 24, 2008



consider you e-mailed about your venting place. I love the new plans. If I were in your neighborhood I would heartily approve. A girl needs her closet space!!

Mrs Figby

Looks like you'll have that much better of a view of the pornsters who live behind you. Maybe even from your bathtub! Good times, huh?


Looks good... will this be a major hassle that will require you to move out or a pretty easy reno? And I'm totally jealous about how crafty you are!!



Well, here in the states about the only time you see something posted (in this case a big orange sign) is when a property is either a bar trying to get a liquor license or a house that has been condemned.


I've been a friendly lurker for a while but would like to be in the know abut your de-lurking place. I couldn't handle not knowing how your wallpaper situation turns out:)


As a daughter of a contractor, I so love seeing plans. ;o) It looks exciting and I hope no one opposes it.

Also, I'm curious about the venting. Do a I qualify to be a part of it? If not, my feelings won't be hurt. I'm not that kind of lady.


Two reactions about the notice on your house. 'Huh?' and 'Wow'. Seriously.


my 25 year old is still complaining about the 16th birthday that slipped by unnoticed. you can't win. don't expect to just be armed with a good excuse, except there really isn't a good excuse. have fun.

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