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August 19, 2008



That's too bad about M. leaving. I always hate the empty feeling you get when someone who has taken care of your children for so long moves on. Hope the changes do not upset the household too much. Anyway, we'll see you tomorrow. CL is really looking forward to her playdate with Dumpling!


Your forgiven. ;o)


Um, I meant to type YOU'RE. Because its two words. Made into one.

Good luck with all the madness!

Babysitter M

The girls and their parents are not going to be the only sad ones on Friday that's for sure! :( I'm dreading it just as much as you guys...you've been an amazing family to work for!!

Katie J

Forgiven. I haven't been blogging as much and I don't have nearly the reasons you do. I think it's also a summer thing. Sorry to hear about M leaving but I'm glad you're going to keep her in the girls' lives. Awesome. Good luck with all you're going through right now and make sure to do some things for you, ok?


yup, forgiven.......hope you find a moment to take a breath! good luck- mostly with finding someone to replace M.......rare find I'm sure.


You are definitely forgiven. Heh, until I read your post I had completely forgotten that I have a blog.

Good luck with the hiring and remember to take some time for yourself.


after reading this I think I need a nap.


Sorry you are losing the babysitter. But happy you have kids going to school. Groovy.

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