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August 06, 2008



Happy birthday party BB and Happy Birthday for friday! Does she know their having an Olympic opening ceremony in honor of her third year?

Love your dress MM.

p.s look for a post I have coming soon which will make you very, very proud of me. . . or at least take me off your child abuser list ;)


Wow! You are fast at getting a post up. I barely got home and got the kids to bed. We had a fabulous time and Cara-Li is already asking about the next time she will see the girls. The food was great, the people were great and BB is the sweetest! Happy Birthday!


BB is so cute! I'm glad she had the birthday party (and gifts) of her dreams! Every girl deserves that. ;o)


Yay you! Great job on the Yo Gabba stuff. I don't dare show the pics to my three year old....she'll be wanting a set and I can't do crafty!

My Mum always made neat cakes for us too and we all remember them. I had one once that looked like a giant hamburger (with gumdrop relish, of course).

Hot dress, btw. You're always so stylish. Have fun at the gift show.

Katie J

Lovely. Great job. You are amazing. Can you come down and help with a birthday party for Buttons?


That's one beautiful, happy three year old! Happy birthday BB!
Her present is brilliant - you're so clever.

Mrs Figby

You are AMAZING! Seriously. I'm in awe. BB looks so happy! Happiest Birthday to you, BB, from Auntie Figby and Apples!


Wow, that present is amazing! I love how you are able to make your children toys (I um, try, to sew, but things often get broken in the process!). Happy Birthday BB!


WOW! amazing! you out did yourself- have a great trip and so glad BB's party was a success- sounds like it was a lot of fun.


Oh my gosh, they turned out amazing!! You completely outdid yourself. Happy Birthday BB!

Not too shabby of a day for a birthday. Not only is it the first day of the Olympics, but it's our ten-year anniversary. Go 8-08!


So glad you pulled it off. Yes her smile does def say something!! Happy Birthday BB!!


Happy birthday BB! Tomorrow is my birthday, too, although I have to admit I'm a few years older than BB. Cheers to both of us!


Happy birthday, BB! I can't believe you're 3!

Yes, that smile says it all. They're adorable!


What a fun party!!!
Happy Birthday, dear BB!


heard on the grapevine that E was mentioned - just showed it to the boys and E said "i'm sooo freakin' happy" so thanks for making all of our day and thanks for including us - B looked at the pic of the cake and said "mom I thought you told us the party was over" oops caught in the act! Missed u this morn.

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